Your Best Defense Against Card-Reader Fraud

Skimming occurs when a criminal attaches a malicious card reading device, over or within, a real card reader. This can occur on any card reading device, but gas station pumps and ATM machines are the most frequently targeted. The fraudulent device can look identical to the real device, and is equipped with electronic readers or cameras that will capture your card information or PIN. This data is later used to create “cloned” cards to perform unauthorized activity or support other fraudulent acts.

How to Identify a Skimming Device

  • Always Inspect the card reader before using it
    • Give the card reader a tug. Be suspicious if you see anything loose, out of the ordinary, crooked or damaged.
    • Scratches or adhesive tape/residue can signal a compromised device.
    • Look for keypads that appear raised or have an unusual color.
    • Do not proceed with a transaction if you encounter unusual resistance when entering your car.

Protect your Information

  • Protect your PIN
    • When entering your PIN, cover the keypad with your other hand to prevent a hidden camera from capturing your information.
  • Be aware.
    • ATMs in tourist areas and dimly lit areas are popular targets. Review account information daily to quickly identify and report unauthorized activity.

What You Should Do
Report suspicious devices immediately by visiting the associated branch or by calling our Customer Care Center.

To report suspicious devices outside of business hours, contact the local authorities.