A Community Celebration 150 Years in the Making

Welcome to Beyond 1870, a centerpiece in First National 1870's commemoration of our 150th anniversary in collaboration with the Santa Fe New Mexican. Santa Fe's story is First National 1870's story. 

The year 1870 marks when the bank was chartered, and in 1871, the doors of the bank opened to customers for the first time. We invite you to learn about the history of the bank in Santa Fe and the people who make banking with us a family tradition spanning generations. 

Our Dedicated and Professional Associates are What Makes First National 1870 Special

Meet one of your neighbors in success, Randy Lucero to learn what 

First National 1870 means to him.

Randy Lucero

New Mexico Regional Business Banking Team Lead

A Timeline of First National 1870 in Northern New Mexico

The history of First National 1870 begins with the First National Bank of Santa Fe, whose founding in 1870 and commencement of operations in 1871 are the occasions to celebrate. During this long history, as the Southwest's first bank. we have been witness and participant in the history and growth of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

A Brief History of First National Bank of Santa Fe and First National 1870

Enjoy these histories of First National 1870 based on research performed in the 1960s and more recently through the archives of the Santa Fe New Mexican. And when you're done with that download a special line drawing fit for coloring with the family of First National 1870's downtown Santa Fe home. 

150th anniversary of First National 1870

Part I: Making History Together

One hundred and fifty years ago, Santa Fe was already deeply embedded in the landscape of Northern New Mexico. The town of fewer than 5,000 people was a seat of influence throughout the region for its cultural and economic strengths when a new institution — the First National Bank of Santa Fe — was established and set forth a legacy that would help reshape the future of the city and its people.
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150th anniversary of First National 1870

Part II: The Doors to New Opportunity Open With The FIrst Bank Branch in Santa Fe

In April 1871 a few months after it was chartered, the First National Bank of Santa Fe opened its doors becoming the first and only national bank for hundreds of miles in any direction. The establishment of the bank would bring a new level of sophistication to the financial dealings of the territory and provide a nucleus for the growth of New Mexico’s economy for the next century and a half.
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