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Why Trusted Advisors Are Critical To Your Business


Recent events have forced business owners to deal with disruptions to nearly every facet of life. Changes to schedules, family needs, and of course, to the financial aspects of the business itself, have presented unprecedented challenges for everyone.  

We keep hearing reports of owners who unfortunately find themselves feeling totally unsupported at their most uncertain time. They’re unable to get the financial assistance they need as they try to navigate how to adapt their company to current circumstances. The question then becomes: How can you make sure your business gets the attention and guidance it needs? One answer: Surround yourself with trusted experts who are available to help.

Who do you have on speed dial? Who will take your call, answer your questions, and provide up-to-date information?  Even during times of relative stability, there are always going to be changes that affect how you do business. Having a team of experts on hand is critical to helping you pivot and thrive.

We recommend having four main financial experts ready to help you — a CPA, an attorney, an insurance agent, and of course, a banker. You should be able to have totally honest conversations about your financial concerns and goals with all of these advisors, and trust in the feedback and expertise they offer in return. Your team should be accessible, and able to provide a further network of experts they can reach out to in order to assist you.

Sunflower Bank specializes in relationship-driven banking with a consultative approach. You deserve attention from bankers who provide useful and timely advice, and are real with you every step of the way. In addition to financing solutions, we offer commercial payment services that can help improve your cash flow and back office processes. If you have a question that’s out of the traditional banking realm, we help you find an answer.

Contact us to find out how our approach can Create Possibility for your business.