Credit Cards

men reviewing their credit cardsCredit Cards

There’s No Limit to Possibility 

Wherever you are on your financial journey, First National 1870 has a Visa® rewards credit card that’s right for you. With Classic, Gold, and Platinum card options available, you'll have funds in place when you need them. Use your card for major purchases or everyday bills and watch your rewards grow.
Our low interest rate cards (12.55%-14.20% APR*) can really pay off when carrying a balance or transferring balances to consolidate credit. We work with you, whether you’re establishing credit with your first card, or building on a proven financial track record.

When you consider the big and small purchases you make over time, the savings of a low interest credit card really add up.

Enjoy the buying power you want, along with all the benefits that come with being a First National 1870 customer. Our Visa cards offer:

  • Low interest rates

  • No annual fee

  • Rewards points

Reward Yourself

All of the First National 1870 credit cards – Classic, Gold, and Platinum – allow you to earn reward bonus points and stockpile them. Every net retail purchase you charge gets you closer to redeeming points for brand-name merchandise and exciting travel rewards.  

  • Travel – airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals…
  • Electronics – cameras, televisions, phones, Bluetooth speakers, headphones…
  • Recreation – golf balls, tents, telescopes, drones…
  • Home – accent chairs, kitchen appliances, desks, tools…
  • Health & Fitness – treadmills, golf clubs, fitness trackers, bikes…
  • Office – printers, paper shredders, keyboards…
  • Plus much more!

Take a look and browse through the available rewards at ScoreCard Rewards online.
Ready to apply for your card? Stop by any First National 1870 location today, or call Customer Care at 888.827.5564 to get started.