Our receivables services can help you accelerate collections and reduce risk. Our Treasury Management team specializes in customizing a suite of support solutions to improve transaction processes and create efficiencies. We evaluate and add new services on an ongoing basis to ensure your needs are met.
We offer these tools to accelerate your collections:

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks without a trip to the bank. You can scan checks from your place of business directly into your First National 1870 business account, giving you more time to focus on your business. Remote deposit capture is a secure method for depositing checks with customizable options for user permissions, approval limits, and management review. 

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

We also offer Mobile Remote Deposit Capture through our mobile app. Using your smartphone to make deposits is a secure and convenient way to handle your accounts receivables from wherever you are.

With Mobile Remote Deposit, once a check image is successfully uploaded, it is ready to be processed, cleared, settled, and posted, giving you faster availability of your funds.

Lockbox Services

Our comprehensive suite of high-quality lockbox services is backed by a knowledgeable team of professionals dedicated to remittance processing. A lockbox platform can significantly speed up the receivables process. We offer specialized lockbox services to meet your industry’s needs:

  • Wholesale Lockbox provides online images of remittance information, checks, and related correspondence.
  • Retail Lockbox includes coupon scanning of critical information that can be included in a daily transmission to your system.
  • Property Management Lockbox reduces the time needed to process assessment and rental payments, enabling property management companies to improve cash flow.
  • Healthcare Lockbox is a solution extending beyond basic lockbox processing to meet the specific needs of health care providers. Our Healthcare Lockbox offers providers a suite of end-to-end revenue cycle management tools.

Merchant Card Services

We offer outstanding merchant credit and debit card processing through a partnership with a leading merchant provider. Click here to learn more about our robust all in-one payment processing system and business management solution.

ACH Payments

ACH is a cost-effective way to originate and receive funds electronically. Our ACH Payments service allows your business to securely expedite the processing of incoming receivables.