Structured Finance

Structured Finance Structured Finance

The Structured Finance Group provides asset-based lending and leveraged finance services to lower middle market companies and private equity investors with the relationship-focus you've come to expect from us. Our network expands across First National 1870's communities and nationwide.

Our experienced and responsive team understands the value of financial flexibility in an organization’s capital structure and can tailor senior debt solutions for specific borrower situations.

In addition to a robust selection of banking services, we provide direct access to our Structured Finance Group as well as our executive management and loan approval teams. We actively listen, structure, and execute with the goal of quickly and efficiently getting our clients to a successful closing.

Asset Based Lending

  • Borrower situations such as high growth, high leverage, temporary losses, significant working capital needs, business seasonality, management buyouts
  • Benefits include increased liquidity via higher advance rates on working capital assets, less pressure on cash flow via interest-only revolving lines of credit
  • Loan commitments range from $5MM to $25MM+
  • Ability to syndicate transactions above maximum hold size of $25MM

Contact our team to find out how we can help with your specific financing situation.

Jonathan Bloom

Senior Vice President, Asset Based Lending
303.962.0126 | [email protected]

Leveraged Finance

  • Often used to finance the acquisition, recapitalization, growth, or refinancing of companies by private equity investors
  • The amount of senior term debt is based on a multiple of the borrower’s annual cash flow (vs. the amount of available collateral) and can be used to optimize a company’s capital stack and enhance private equity returns
  • Loan commitments range from $5MM to $25MM+
  • Ability to syndicate transactions above maximum hold size of $25MM

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